Author Alicia "The Power of P-M-S"


The Power of P-M-S is a weekly devotional designed to share my physical P-M-S testimony in hopes of helping you to identify your physical P-M-S which can be turned into spiritual power, ENROUTE TO YOUR GODLY DESTINATION! As a female, I know too well the physical symptoms of PMS. This pain can be associated with the pain we experience throughout our lives. We all know that the everyday struggles of dealing with relationships, health, parenting, etc. can feel much like the physical PMS symptoms women undergo each month. If we are not careful, this physical PMS can keep us complacent, stopping us from progressing in our lives. Throughout my journey, I have learned how to turn my physical PMS into a spiritual journey in which I call The Power of P-M-S. P stands for Praise, M is for Meditation, and S is for Study! Praise - (Psalm 28:7) – Rejoicing, giving thanks - being guided into a positive, peaceful state of being! Meditation - (Psalm 54:2, Psalm 19:24) - Speaking words of affirmation and hearing words of confirmation. Letting this be the steps on the path in which I should go! Study (2 Timothy 2:15) - Study to show myself approved...Strategically setting my path for today by the Word of God!

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