Author (Champagne) "The Goddess of Lust, Love and Infatuation"


This book is about Heavenly, a young teenage lady whose life has changed from wholesome and holy to distressed and destroyed. Heavenly starts to learn secrets about her parents and their fourteen-year marriage. Life as she knows it as a faithful Christian has fallen apart for her and her siblings. She takes her two siblings under her wing and tries to protect them from their parents & secrets. Both parents display irresponsible behavior, but in different ways, and are now blaming each other. The story carries on with Heavenly discovering that her mother and father have lost faith in God because of the things that have happened to both of them. Her mother has an addiction and she is in love with a drug dealer. Her father is in love with a woman from his past. She is a good woman, but her family, as they done in the past, will become the problem. Heavenly also begins to deal with her own lustful ways. Heavenly and her siblings go and live with their aunt who does not care for them because of who has fathered them. As the story ends, Heavenly father is murdered and her mother is in prison for his murder. She finds out what connection her family has to the drug dealing system and is devastated. The male that she has been lusting for decides to help her escape her family and their wickedness, but she is really collateral for him against her family. She leaves town with the male she has been lusting for. She is finally happy and wants to start a new life as a pastor.

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