Author (Champagne) "The Goddess of Lust, Love and Infatuation" Part 2 "BLISSFUL LUST"


Heavenly has started her new life in Maryland with her husband Reggie as she strives every day to live a normal life and leave her past behind. Unfortunately for her, Reggie is a constant reminder of her past and all the deception that has occurred in her life. Back home, Christine, Andrew, and Slim deal with the consequences of their actions. They each seem to be experiencing karma in different and unexpected ways as they try to fix all the turmoil they have caused in other lives. Theresa the queen, who considers herself to be a virtuous woman, loses control of the whole situation. For the first time Reggie challenged her promise to destroy him, so she has to make a choice to deliver on her promise or lose what matters the most to her. Losing money would be disappointing, but to lose the only people she loves would be cause for someone?s death.

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