"Welcome Our Amazing Authors"

"Sharnel Williams"
Born & Raised in Newark, NJ.
I'm a wife, mother, writer, radio host,
entrepreneur and grandmother. I have
several of published books, including
a children series. I enjoy fishing and
reading. I loss my son in 2005 to
leukemia 2 days after his 12th birthday.
That's when my writing began.

 "Alma Thomas"

Is an ordained Minister Educator, Motivational Speaker,

Playwright, and Author. She holds two B.S degrees, one

in Human Services with a Concentration and Children

and Families and a BS in Christian Studies. She is a

contributing writer for Authentically You and Lasum Online

Magazines. She is the co-author of BAD Heels and

Love, Marriage, and Divorce. She is currently working on her

debut book “From the Waiting Room to the Recovery Room”.

She is the single mother of two children Sabria and Tysean

who left his earthly home to reign in his heavenly home in 2009.

"Author Joseph Moore"
Born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He never took
himself as a serious writer until he realized he
had a story, a very important story to tell. He
is a Vietnam Era Veteran served in the U.S.
Air Force.

"Alicia LaRaine Middleton"

is a retired educator working for

24 years in the New York City public school system devising

educational and performing arts programs for middle school

students.  Her most noted accolades are producing plays entitled

“The Sneaker” an urban rendition of Cinderella and “Back in the Days”

– The Sounds of Motown. Her fondest feat is becoming one of the

founders of The Monroe County Image Awards of PA in which community

leaders are applauded for their outstanding community service in making

the Poconos a place one is proud to call home.  This began her advocacy

for building communities and will be awarded as Advocate for a Better America

at the 2016 Pocono Mountains Film Festival.

"Champagne aka Sharon Terry"
Born and Raised in Rochester, NY. I am a single mother of 8 beautiful children. 
I am a child of god, a mother, author, inspiring actress, and entrepreneur.
Champagne is a entrepreneur with B.O.S.S.
You can find her at your local YMCA, writing or exercising, at home, or at
Diva Defined Salon & Boutique.
 Clothe yourself with compassion, humility,  gentleness, and patience. 
Colossians 3:12

"Yvonne Hernandez"

She was born and raised in Newark New Jersey, where she still resides.

She raised her two children in West Milford, New Jersey. She always imagined how

wonderful it would be to write about her Masters or Bachelor's Degree, or anything

educationally impressive, but completing her education is something she did not do.

Explaining why would probably involve writing a book on the subject with absolutely

no stories of "poor, poor me." James Brown said he did not study how to sing, he just

sings. It's the same for Yvonne - writing is just something she does.

 Yvonne's credits are too numerous to list. She is an actress, writer, director and


"Pamela Rouse"
 She was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. I now reside in the Tobyhanna area of 
Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania. I’m currently attending Northampton Community College. My 
goal is to receive my Associate Degree as a Health Care Coordinator. I am an ordained Evangelist
 for Christ my Lord and Savior. I've been married to Howard Scott Rouse for eighteen years and 
counting. Together, we have three grown children - Norrita, Ronald, Ayisha - and nine grandkids. 
My life story that I am sharing is to inspire and encourage many on a spiritual journey in trusting 
God physically, mentally, and wholeheartedly. By writing "How I Made It Over,” it is my sincere 
desire to please God in hopes of helping many with this book to live life and to live it with joy. 

"Natasha Garry"

She is a single parent who grew up in the city of Newark, New Jersey. After earning her GED, 

she went to college to continue her education with the study of communications and customer 

service relations. Later, she attended medical school twice, and then finally on to cosmetology 

school, obtaining degrees in both.

"Chanel Fladger"

 She was born and raised in Staten Island, NY and Tobyhanna Pa; is a mother, 

renowned author, community advocate and radio production assistant 

for Sistah Chat LLC. Achieving her highest degree with a Bachelor of Arts

 from Cheyney University of Pennsylvania in Communications; it has 

always been her mission to help change the world with one voice 

whether it is through radio or writing

"Colleen Williams"

She now lives in Boston Massachusetts. She has been raising

 awareness about Domestic violence and sexual abuse in order

 to break the cycle. She touches on issues that are always getting 

swept under the rug, or the media does not want to talk about. Too

 many women are dying by the hands of their partners. My story is 

 not a fairytale. It's real, it's my life, it's about the men who I thought

 loved me, but their actions showed different. Over the years I learned

 to smile through the pain because I came out victorious. My story is 

worth sharing to anyone who has been through hurt, pain, broken marriage, 

sexual abuse, domestic violence and abandonment. I would never imagine a 

woman like me would be able to get this far, where I am walking i doing exactly 

what God created me to do (helping and healing others). I am no longer

                                              sick, depressed, worried or anxious. No hospital visits, no hospital bracelets, no 

                                               medication, no therapist, no one cussing at me, no more blows, no more peeping

                                              through the blinds wondering when he is coming home so I can get my body ready 

                                              for what’s to come.                            

                                                                                   I am a woman with a purpose.