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  • How involved will I be in the editing process?
    If/when you sign a contract you will provide us with a finished MS. Our editing manager will critique the MS and pair you up with an editor. So any changes that are being made will be approved by you.
  • My Book was previously self-published. Can I still submit it?
    Yes. If it’s not been self-published in the last 6 months.
  • How do I submit my manuscript?
    Manuscript are to be written and submitted in a Microsoft Word Document and submitted following our SUBMITTION GUIDELINE on our home page.
  • Who pays for marketing/advertising?
    We do strongly suggest you market and advertise your book as well, since you’re the best promotion for your book.
  • What is your timeline/deadline to get the other books finished in a series?
    This depends on how fast you write. The sooner the better of course, but we don’t set deadlines as it hinders creativity.
  • Will I be able to buy print books at a discounted price?
    Your book is published under your own account through either Amazon KDP or IngramSpark, therefore, you can order as many print copies as you like when the process is complete.
  • What are your average sales per author per book?
    There is no way to predict this at all. It varies per author (author platform, author involvement, how many books they have out, social media, sales and promotions, blogs, etc.) It also depends on the genre as some genres sell better than others. Authors determination, growth, and willingness to be consist is what sells books. Once your project is complete with us you are responsible for your sells.
  • Why should I choose Shar-Shey Publishing Company?
    Shar-Shey Publishing Company has worked with over 40 different authors helping them publish their manuscripts and turning them into professionally beautiful published books. We work closely with the author by first understanding their vision.
  • I’ve already had a cover made for my book, will I still be able to use this cover?
    This is ultimately up to Sharnel, but a majority of the time the answer is no. We are very well-known for our covers and have a standard all of our covers must meet.
  • Will you provide SWAG or marketing material?
    Depending on the package you pay for. Yes! We provide digital marketing and promotional material. Be sure to look over your package.
  • Will you be making any major plot changes or changing the title of my book?
    This will be up to the author. If you, the author, thinks there are any title or plot changes that need to be made, you can let us know.
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