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For DeShay, love meant war. She'd invested herself in many failed relationships that she had grown tired of fighting. Every time she got it right, she'd soon realize just how wrong she was. But all that changes when she discovers the love she's been looking for she's had it all along.


Marriage is about a partnership, a sacred bond between two people who agrees to go through life together. We made the commitment to go through ups and downs together despite our hurdles. Marriage is a learning experience in life where two people discover each other's likes and dislikes. Will your spouse stay with you through the rough patch of the marriage no matter what life brings?


Stephanie Wright is The First Lady of the Abundant House of Love Outreach Ministries Church, she adores her children and takes her wedding vows she made over ten years ago very seriously. She is a traditional Christian who does not believe in divorce. She is married to Trevor Wright, the Pastor of the Abundant House of Love Outreach Ministries. The charismatic collar wearing, Bible thumping, tongue speaking Pentecostal Minister that ministers the word on Sunday mornings is not the same man behind closed doors. Will Stephanie expose the skeletons in the holier than thou pastor’s closet and divorce him before death do them part or will she remain true to her vows?

Love, Marriage, and Divorce

SKU: 978-0997266818
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