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“Sick & Tired” Jennifer (Myami) Lucas, dreamed one day she will move to Miami Florida and become this big clothing designer. That’s where the name Myami came from. She met Howard (Howie) Johnson one summer in the park at a festival. After two years, she moved out her mom house and got her own place. She started a serious relationship with Howie, she was in love. In a couple of years, she had 2 kids and was on welfare. Out of the blue on one rainy night she said it was “Time to Break the Barrier”. She was sick and tired of being sick and tired of the trails, tribulation and abuse she was going through.


“Breaking Barriers Family Secrets” Charlisa Winfield is a high-profile lawyer that despite many obstacles, she just made partner in her family law firm. On the outside, she wears a mask of happiness but on the inside, she is slowly dying. A tragic accident tears the already fragile family apart. Family secrets are being revealed and lives are unraveling. In the end whose life will be destroyed and who will still be standing?


“Small World” It's a small world especially amongst friends. Troi had no idea that her sexual tryst would affect the stability of her sisterhood of friends. Kelli shared her triumphs and accomplishments with her girls but not her darkest secret. They just wouldn't understand. Camille was strong in everyone's eyes, how dare she be a victim of abuse. Caprise had it all, the fairytale marriage or so they thought. Sinclair was the farthest away from the group but was about to get closer than she ever imagined. Everything done in the dark eventually comes too light but when it's in your immediate circle, can you turn a blind eye? How tight is the bond between friends when girl codes are broken?

Time To Break The Barrier

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